Friday, 16 September 2011

New Order - London - 4 Oct 1986 - flac

I have managed to retrieve the New Order and Joy Division stuff lined up to be posted from the dodgy hard disc.
Sadly, most of my music from Yugoslavia was still waiting to be transferred when the disc breathed its last...
Oh well, that will be something to do in the long autumn and winter evenings, find all of it again out there in cyberspace...

Link: here (395mb)


  1. Do you have any problem with YouTube Downloader (Version 3.3)?
    I can't download video files from Youtube!!!

  2. This was at the Town and Country Club in Kentish Town (now renamed the Forum - confusingly it also was the Forum BEFORE it became the Town & Country Club). This was my first New Order gig - I remember being down the front and almost being clouted by Hooky's bass.

  3. Hi Mr joy division & friends

    New: Peter Hook And The Light - The Music Box - Los Angeles - California (USA) (14.09.2011).rar here:
    01 Incubation
    02 Dead Souls
    03 Autosuggestion
    04 From Safety To Where?
    05 Atrocity Exhibition
    06 Isolation (Perry Farrell)
    07 Passover
    08 Colony
    09 A Means To An Ends (Moby)
    10 Heart And Soul
    11 Twenty Four Hours
    12 The Eternal
    13 Decades
    14 Encore Break 1
    15 Transmission (Moby)
    16 Love Will Tear Us Apart
    17 Encore Break 2
    18 Atmosphere
    19 Ceremony

  4. Hello, many thanks for posting the link!
    Hope it still works....

  5. Hi
    More New Order's recordings:

  6. Brotherhood Xfm 25 yrs:

  7. Seeded to DIME 2005-05-20 by 'dropdeadfr'.

    No real notes included in the seed.

    Despite the crackling, this is not from a vinyl source...likely static that was on the recording or introduced by a transfer.