Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Peter Hook - Los Angeles - 14 Sep 2011 - mp3

Just in case there are people out there who prefer Rapidshare...Peter Hook doing Closer in its entirety. Rather enjoyable at times...

Link: here (150mb @ 320kb)
Flac: here


  1. Also available in Flac here

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  3. Peter Hook - Moonlight Festival, Fano, Italy - 10.07.2010 (DVD)here:

  4. This is Mixter_'s recording, seeded to DIME on 2011-09-19.

    Peter Hook And The Light
    The Music Box
    Los Angeles


    8 - 10' from rail dead center -> 6.5' h -> slavesound omni's -> custom bb - no bass roll-off -> edirol r09 (44.1/16) -> sandisk 16gb ultraII 15mb/s -> reader -> audition 3.0 - slight level boost (no normalization) -> har-bal 2.3 moderate eq (bass attenuate, 2k midrange boost) -> cd wave editor (track split) -> tlh (flac 8, etc...) -> DIME -> you -> sense of enjoyment -> sharing is caring -> support the artist (yes) -XX convert to mp3 (no!!!).

    Taper / Engineer: mixter_

    K.I.L.L. = Keep It LossLess


    01. Incubation
    02. Dead Souls
    03. Autosuggestion
    04. From Safety To Where?
    05. Atrocity Exhibition
    06. Isolation
    07. Passover
    08. Colony
    09. A Means To An Ends
    10. Heart And Soul
    11. Twenty Four Hours
    12. The Eternal
    13. Decades
    14. Encore Break 1
    15. Transmission
    16. Love Will Tear Us Apart
    17. Encore Break 2
    18. Atmosphere
    19. Ceremony


    Tracks 01-04, 15-16, 18-19: Singles and B-sides
    Tracks 05-14: Closer
    Track 06: Featuring Perry Farrell on vocals
    Tracks 08,09,16: Featuring Moby on vocals

    Peter Hook: Vocals, Lead Bass
    Jack Bates: Bass
    Nat Watson: Guitar
    Andy Poole: Keyboards
    Paul Kehoe: Drums

    Joy Division has had perhaps the greatest influence on the early Post Punk movement. Ian Curtis' early demise solidified their brief yet poignant role in music history. Many of their contemporaries including The Cure, Siouxsie and Bauhaus owe more than a nod to there austere style of "Rock n Roll". Followers from Nine Inch Nails to The Killers and Interpol owe more than a debt of gratitude to the band for their sound.

    Needless to say "die-hard" JD fans have been polarized concerning these shows. Some have accused Hooky of shamelessly "cashing in" on the modern trend for bands to emulate or cover Joy Division's material. Others have found the effort to be sincere and reverent. To me, I say Hooky was there, he would know best what his intentions are. There is no denying that he was integral to the band's unique sound and not merely a role player. Movies such as the brilliant and off-beat "24-Hour Party People" and Anton Corbijn's award-winning "Control" seemed to have minimized the role of the other band members and that of Martin Hannett to their overall success.

    The show opened once again with a 20 minute series of You Tube quality clips. This time the interview footage of Hooky and one time bandmate Stephen Morris was "oddly" absent. The picture and sound quality were borderline "horrible". This time around Ian's dancing was more prominently featured. Still with the aforementioned movie and doc about Joy Division already out there, I don't really see much point except that this is perhaps Hooky's version of the events that took place from 1978 to 1980. Still, between the poor quality of the footage, the heavy Mancurian accents and the
    venue's sound system, nobody could understand what any of the participants were saying.

  5. The performance was very solid and the instrumentation was handled very aptly by Peter's son Jack on Bass. Unfortunately, Peter, himself seldomly played lead bass lines on his pristine red Eccleshall Viking 1 between verses. He admits that he finds it difficult to play and sing at the same time. Rub your stomach, pat your head and then switch, right? Perry Farrell arrives once again to guest on "Isolation" this time. You can really hear the bass lines double up. Next Moby comes to the
    stage and fucking nails "Colony". I mean hair stands on the back of your neck nails it! He remains on stage to reproduce a very faithful "A Means To An Ends". He then slides back into the audience to watch the show with the rest of us, later returning for the encore of "Transmission". Good one on you, Mr. Melville!

    The show was very good with a very receptive
    and respectful audience to boot. Not too much hooting and hollering as most just stood mesmerized. Sadly, attendance was about 75% of last December's performance of "Unknown Pleasures". Perhaps the novelty has worn for some. I feel that "Closer" is a bit harder for the pedestrian fans to digest. The show clocks in at a very CD friendly 78:40.

    The recording may have rated an EX- (check out the Moby tracks), however Hooky's vocals while on key would rest in the middle or behind the mix. Hence the VG+

    Of note:

    Hooky waved to the JD/NO faithful in line as he pulled out of the venue parking lot being chauffered in an old Toyota Rav 4 to grab a bite to eat before the show. Ticket prices were a very modest and affordable $22 US. If Hooky is "cashing in" on these tours, then perhaps he should hire a new accountant. At one point during the show, Peter jokes to his son Jack "If you keep that up, you'll get that job in New Order." Perhaps in refernece to band's recent announcement that they would reunite for a pair of charity shows without Hooky.

    "These Days", "Ice Age" and "Novelty" appeared on the setlist as encores but sadly were not performed. The JD/NO track "Ceremony" provided a fitting end to the show instead.

    A must for fans of: Joy Division, New Order, Nine Inch Nails, Jane's Addiction, Porno For Pyros, The Cure, Moby, Siouxsie and The Banshees, Bauhaus, etc...

    For my recording of last year's performance of "Unknown Pleasures" please go to...

    or for a matrix of bcyingyou's fine recording and mine...