Saturday, 5 November 2011

New Order - Gothenburg - 22 May 1981 - flac

Another nugget from New Order's dream year...

Everything's Gone Green
Everything's Gone Green
The Him
Doubts Even Here
Dreams Never End

Link: here (290mb)


  1. Here's the original notes to Duncan's torrent back on 2010-03-30:

    New Order - Lobo Disco, Gothenburg 22 May 81

    Master Recording

    Recorded by Duncan with Sony TCS-310 -TDK AD C90

    Nakamichi CR-3E - Sound Device 722 @ 16/41000 Firewire to MacBook pro - Normalise & Track Split in Bias Peak Pro 5.2 - Flac 8 (xAct)

    Things of note about the gig.

    Back to eight songs at this gig, I don't know why.
    Recorded the soundcheck from the mixing desk.
    This was my second attempt at recording a soundcheck from the desk. The first was in Copenhagen when I nearly blew all the speakers by causing a feedback loop.
    The mixing desk guy was not happy so I'm surprised I got another chance.
    He wasn't very happy with me anyway after Brussells when the band (well Barney) decided to piss in the windscreen washer bottle on the van and then point the washers out sideways so they could spray people.
    I might have pressed the washer as we drove past the mixing desk guy.
    He later came into the venue at speed with the intention of killing me.
    I did the honourable think and ran like fuck. He looked like a big version of Grizzly Adams.
    He calmed down after about a week

  2. Good memories form duncan!

    1. Great recording and a really soulful performance of Doubts Even Here! Thanks!

  3. The man that looked like Grizzly Adams would have been my cousin as his nickname was Griz for that very reason and he was working for NO [with OZ PA] at the time. He passed away in 2009, thanks for that! R.I.P Griz.