Friday, 4 November 2011

New Order - Manchester - 6 Feb 1981 - flac

Many thanks to "The Doctor" for this 1981 lossless gem.

01 Crowd noise/sdchk?0:08
02 In A Lonely Place 5:04
03 Dreams Never End 3:32
04 ICB         5:20
05 Truth 4:49
06 Procession 3:41
07 The Him 5:23
08 Senses 5:17
09 Ceremony 5:33
10 Crowd noise 1:33

Link: here (230mb)

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  1. Seeded to DIME on 2010-04-28

    New Order

    6th February 1981
    Comanche Student Union, Manchester Polytechnic, England

    * first digitisation *

    audience recording
    generation unknown, suspect it might be 2nd or 3rd.
    quality: B-

    (A = amazing, E = abysmal)

    No signal processing, compression or noise reduction used at all.
    Lineage: TDK AD90 -> NAB Cassette deck -> Protools -> AIFF -> Flac

    (tracklist as given above)

    This is the first digitisation of this show on cassette and recently dug out of storage.
    Another oldie, but goodie that I received sometime in between late 1985/6 from a German collector who sent me his master. Its an 'ok' audience recording from that time although a little distant sounding, by the sounds the recordist was a distance from the stage. Still its a good show and I think a pretty low gen considering the quality of the audio. It does feature some great versions of these early tunes. Hopefully this is the first occasion this has been on Dime.

    Digitised by happytrader, April 2010
    Upped to Dime by Ht 28.4.10

    You know the drill - for giveaway or trade only.
    Please don't leak out personal mp3's to trading circles