Saturday, 14 April 2012

New Order - Summer Nights - 2002 - flac

1     Crystal
2   Transmission
3   Regret
4   Love Vigilantes
5   60 Miles An Hour
6   Atmosphere
7   Bizarre Love Triangle
8   Temptation
9   Blue Monday
10   Crystal
11   Transmission
12   60 Miles An Hour
13   Close Range
14   Temptation

Track 1-9 live: Gold Coast Parklands, Queensland, Australia, 20.01.2002
Track 10 to 14 live: RAS Showgrounds, Sydney, Australia, 26.01.2002

Link: here(550mb)


  1. Mr JD, there's a new blog with JD material created by the russian Fage who also cleaned up a better version of the last Joy Div soundcheck.
    A blog in which there's an analysis of JD lyrics:

    I've also found an unedited version of LWTUA but I think I can't post it here, official material...

  2. Many thanks for the info, that is a valuable source!

  3. Any sign of any recordings of the boys 2012 outing to OZ?

  4. 2012 yes, but not down under...sooner or later something will turn up!