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New Order - Los Angeles - 28 Apr 1989 - mp3

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  1. NewOrder.1989.0428.TheUniversalAmphitheatre.LosAngeles.CA

    New Order
    at The Universal Amphitheatre
    Universal City (Los Angeles), CA
    Friday, April 28, 1989
    -the second of two nights in this venue


    1. Ceremony
    2. Touched By The Hand Of God
    3. Dream Attack
    4. Run
    5. True Faith
    6. Your Silent Face
    7. Mr. Disco
    8. Vanishing Point
    9. Round & Round
    10. Bizarre Love Triangle
    11. The Perfect Kiss
    12. Temptation,
    13. Every Little Counts
    14. Fine Time

    Bernard Sumner= vocals, guitar
    Gillian Gilbert= keyboards, guitar
    Peter Hook= bass, vocals
    Stephen Morris= drums, keyboards

  2. Ceremony

    BS: "Hello,"

    Can't make out what he says here.

    Tape source garbles for about 10 seconds from 0:48.

    At about 4:25, one of those birds makes the remark, "I don't understand why those girls are even standing up, they're not even dancing..."


    BS: "'k you...thanks a lot".

    A bit of guitar tuning before Touched_By_The_Hand_Of_God.

    lyric: "never knew it but of course I fucking was"

    BS: "'k you."

    NO then proceed to perform Dream_Attack and Run. For the most part the nattering seems to have stopped.

    The end of Run has some guitar noodling.


    Ack, the bird chirping is back, but at least is a fairly low volume.

    Hooky says something like "I see your ar..." at around the 2:40 mark.

    BS: "Thank you very much, you do. I believe Gene Loves Jezebel have not split up."


    The levels on the CD drop for about 10 seconds from 0:38 to 0:48.

    One of the females proceeds to talk through a part of the song, less noticable on the CD version comparied to the 'Decadance' version.

    Barney Says:"

    "No lyrics, no sounds, no beat, no nothing, just fuckups."

    And yes, Sumner fucks up the lyrics and doesn't mention anything about pissing up.

    BS: "'k you."


    A nice-sounding version of this one.

    BS: "Thank you."


    BS: "Thanks a lot, this is Vanishing Point. This is where we... [can't make out]"

    (MB version cuts at this point, resuming with "a movie...")

    BS: "Thank you. This will explain something about that song. Whistle Down The Wind was a film, a movie, about uh, an escaped prisoner, who thought he was Christ."


    This gives more hints on Bernard's feelings on religion, as if Sunrise wasn't clear enough. Really interesting.

    (lots of reverb on Barney's mike, by the way)

    Round_And_Round is performed next.


    BS: "This is Bizarre Love (clears throat) Bizarre Love Triangle."

    Lots of cheering here, of course.

    BS: "Thank you. Thanks a lot, thanks very much."


    lyric: "The perfect kiss is the kiss of death. 1-2."

    BS: "'k you. Thank you very much. That the Edge? Can't dance like a couple of the last of our other songs.

    [not 100% sure of this]


    Bernard does the count-up in espanol: "Uno, Dos, Tres, Cuatro."

    BS: "Thank you, good night". Punter cries for an encore, and by golly, gets one.


    Hooky says something I can't make out, something like "In a twilight zone." This one gets far more cheering than I would have expected, and folks clap along.

    Hooky makes a comment at about the 1:00 mark, something like "all right folks..."

    The birds chatter for a bit.

    lyric: "I guess I should have known, I'd beat you out a bone."

    lyric: "Every second counts when I am fucking you..."


    BS: "Thank you. Now we're gonna end this set tonight with something a little bit faster than that. It's called Fine Time."

    BS: "Thank you, goodnight LA. Wooh!"

    Concert ends on Hooky's bass trilling and a single sustained bass note.

  3. NOTE: taken from the website... I did not do the transcription, nor am I sure which version this is... just passing on the info for what it's worth...GFS

  4. Oh, the humanity... the job of the archivist...what profit a man? Apparently, we've mixed in some fiction... This is the "Decadence" roio and is mainly Thursday, April 27, 1989... the first of two nights in the Universal Amphitheatre venue...mixed with a veritable catch all of '89 material and the Heaven sound- check from '81 (?)GFS

    A1 Dream Attack
    A2 Ceremony
    A3 All The Way
    A4 True Faith
    A5 Mr. Disco
    A6 Every Little Counts
    B1 Vanishing Point
    B2 1963
    B3 Round & Round
    B4 Temptation
    B5 Bizarre Love Triangle
    C1 Perfect Kiss
    C2 Blue Monday
    C3 Fine Time
    C4 Your Silent Face
    D1 Touched By The Hand Of God
    D2 Loveless
    D3 Face Up
    D4 5.8.6 (Razormaid Remix)

    Remix – Razormaid

    D5 Walked In Line
    D6 No Love Lost
    D7 Digital
    D8 Decades
    D9 Atmosphere

    Most tracks are live recordings.

    A1 to C3 - Recorded 27.04.89 @ Universal Ampitheatre, Universal City
    C4 - Recorded 28.04.89 @ Universal Ampitheatre, Universal City
    D1 - Recorded 26.03.89 @ NEC, Birmingham
    D2 - Recorded 15.04.89 @ Southern Star Ampitheatre, Atlanta
    D3 - Recorded 16.04.89 @ Saenger Theatre, New Orleans
    D5 to D9 - Soundcheck 09.02.81 @ Heaven, London

  5. NewOrder.1989.0427.TheUniversalAmphitheatre.LosAngeles.CA.ETC

    New Order
    at The Universal Amphitheatre
    Universal City (Los Angeles), CA
    Thursday, April 27, 1989
    -the first of two nights in this venue


    1. Dream Attack
    2. Ceremony
    3. All The Way
    4. True Faith
    5. Mr. Disco
    6. Every Little Counts
    7. Vanishing Point
    8. 1963
    9. Round & Round
    10. Temptation
    11. Bizarre Love Triangle
    12. Perfect Kiss
    13. Blue Monday
    14. Fine Time

    Bernard Sumner= vocals, guitar
    Gillian Gilbert= keyboards, guitar
    Peter Hook= bass, vocals
    Stephen Morris= drums, keyboards

  6. So again, not me, passing it on, the first night,... "NO: 27 APR 89 Universal Amphitheatre - Universal City, CA

    Taken from MP3 dub of 'Decadence' bootleg LP, off New Order Anthology Part Two. Also have these in a "technique live" collection I got off Soulseek. Sound is very good.


    BS: "Hi, we're New Order"

    This version has a lot of soaring keyboards. Volume goes down at 2:20 mark.

    BS: "'k you. Where are the sequencers, John?


    BS: "'k you."


    Nice changed lyric:

    "But I don't give a damn about what those fuckers say" (instead of "people")" Glitch in the MP3 at around the two minute mark.

    BS: "Thank you. More(?) sequencers."


    After "they're taking drugs with me line", Barney sings:

    "That's the the price we all pay / The love when you're taking drugs today"

    BS: "Thank you, thank you!" (not sure about last phrase)


    Barney Says:

    BS: "And on another note, I just heard that Gene Loves Jezebel have broken up. That makes me very happy."

    There's a distinctive audio sample in this version during the bridge, featuring vocodered foreign-language phrases.

    BS: "Thank you."

    There's some guitar noodling between Every Little Counts and Vanishing Point.

    BS: "Thank you very much. Thank you very much, indeed."


    BS: "For those of you who fly...I mean, it's got your own way in life. Los Angeles is a long way from England, and that's where it's gotten, so maybe it won't be so quiet in the future."

    (what is he on about?)

    Barney Says:

    Right in the middle, Barney says "thank you, thank you very much, but the song is not finished."

    BS: "Thank you"


    The sequencers come in a bit strangely, mid-note.

    BS: "'k you"


    A bit of a long pause before they fire up the sequencers for this one. The opening features some nice feedback squalls.

    After doing "one-two-three-four", he yells out "uno-dos-tres-quattro!".

    BS: "'k you"


    BS: "Thank you"


    BS: "Thank you, good night!"


    Intros with a unique orchestral sequence.

    BS: "'k you"


    Ends in guitar and bass titterings."

  7. TEMPODROM Berlin is now available in DIME they played Thieves Likes Us... can you pls post it?

  8. Thanks for that, I have downloaded it now. Hope to post it once I have uploaded it to the Rapidshare account.