Wednesday, 18 July 2012

New Order - Pittsburgh - 5 Sep 1987 - mp3

Link: here


  1. NewOrder.1987.0905.TheCivicArenaAmphitheater.Pittsburgh.PA

    New Order
    at The Civic Arena Amphitheater
    Pittsburgh, PA
    Saturday, September 5, 1987
    -includes a medley with a cover of Lou Reed's ‘Walk On The Wild Side'
    -the show was opened by Echo And The Bunnymen and Gene Loves Jezebel

    1. Bizarre Love Triangle
    2. True Faith
    3. Ceremony
    4. Sunrise
    5. Every Little Counts {…into}
    -Walk On The Wild Side
    6. 1963
    7. Subculture
    8. Weirdo
    9. Face Up
    10. Temptation
    11. Blue Monday
    12. The Perfect Kiss

    Bernard Sumner= vocals, guitar
    Gillian Gilbert= keyboards, guitar
    Peter Hook= bass, vocals
    Stephen Morris= drums, keyboards
    NO: 05 SEP 87 Civic Center - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

    Notes indicate this is a first generation tape, recorded from the audience. Except for the beginning of Bizarre Love Triangle, the first song, where the tape drops out and sounds muddy, the audio quality is really good.

    I also have this on CD-R, it looks like it's from the same source.


    BS: "Thank you very much, we're gonna begin the set with Bizarre Love Triange"

    (audio dropout until halfway through the song, then sound gets much better)


    BS: "Thanks a lot. We'll play a chinese song now" (features "taking drugs with me" line)


    BS: "Thanks a lot. Thanks a lot. Hey number one new civic center! Thank you very much, see you after the show, we'll get you a drink."

    Every_Little_Counts has lyrics from Lou Reed's Walk on the Wild Side, which I think happened through the '87 US tour.

    lyric: "I think you are a pig, ha ha / I think you even poo."

    BS: "Thank you very much."


    lyrics: "I don't care if you got a big dick Ah, Johnny won't you hear me, Johnny won't you hear me?"


    Hooky precedes this with the usual 10 note or so bass melody.

    lyric: "In the end you will submit, it's got to hurt you, I don't give a shit."

    Edit at this point.

    Somebody actually calls out for "Twats Like Us". NO play Weirdo instead.

    lyric: "I know you and you know me, and we're as fucked up as we should be."

    Song comes abruptly to a halt.

    Face_Up follows.

    Between verses, Bernard declaims, "Never repeat yourself."

    He sing-speaks the first lines of the following verse.

    Fade out/in.

    Somebody calls out for Temptation. Which NO do play.

    lyric: "Oh you got green eyes, oh you got blue eyes, oh you got warm eyes."

    Blue_Monday has these awesome cheesy orchestral sounds.

    Hooky improvises near the end here, really, really good!

    Brief cut.


    BS: "Thanks you very much. [frog sample] Jesus is with us."

    Another really good improvisation, this time by Bernard on guitar.

    BS: "Thank you, good night."

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