Monday, 23 July 2012

Summer Break

The Blogger is off until late August. Perhaps I will have the opportunity to post something while away; perhaps not.

I wish all visitors an excellent summer!

Peter Hook: Manchester, 18 May 2012: here
Peter Hook: Sheffield, 29 May 2012: here


  1. We in New Orleans will miss you, but will focus on our happiness that you will return rested, and energized for more archival fun!!GFS

  2. Have a good holydays ! See you in september .

  3. Hi! Mr. Joy Division'blogger and friends
    Here some photos and drawings from Ian Curtis and joy division:

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  5. Hi! Mr. Renko and friends
    Here you can download New Order - Arena Concerti Fiera Milano - Rho (Italy) (07.07.2012)