Tuesday, 23 October 2012

New Order - Milan - 7 Jul 2012 - flac

Lossless version of concert...

Link: here


  1. Mr. Renko

    File "Milan - 7 Jul 2012 - flac" doesn't play?!

  2. There's two versions, this is likely the dsanchez version which was posted to DIME on 2012-08-10.

    Rho - Arena Concerti Fiera Milano 'Heineken Jammin' (Italy)

    Equipment: iRiver iHP-120 + MM-MCSM-8 Microphones
    Lineage: MASTER > Goldwave (treble adjusted) > Trader's Little Helper (FLAC Level 8) > You

    Taped by dsanchez

    01. Intro
    02. Elegia
    03. Crystal
    04. Regret
    05. Isolation
    06. Ceremony
    07. Bizarre Love Triangle
    08. True Faith
    09. 586
    10. The Perfect Kiss
    11. Blue Monday
    12. Temptation
    13. Love Will Tear Us Apart


    @About the recording

    The recording has a good sound however there are some claps (specially) in Temptation (Hopefully those claps don't last too long) and lots of people talking along the show. Most of the audience went there because of The Cure. I was about about 30m in front of the stage (center).

    Thanks to the nice people who was with me at the gig for the great time: Jojo, Karen and friend, Kristina, Jakso and my Katarina.

    @Note from the taper

    Thank you for downloading my recording.

    In order to preserve this document as it was shared originally, please try to avoid
    conversion to other formats as MP3 or similar lossy formats. You can see the benefits
    of the FLAC format in the link below:


    Feel free to to redistribute this recording, but don't forget to keep all the
    (info, md5, etc.) included here, this way everyone will be able to have access to the
    original source, just as you did.