Wednesday, 28 November 2012

New Order - Chicago - 21 Oct 2012 - flac

Please let me know if there are any problems downloading the concert, Rapidshare have revamped their interface.

Link: here


  1. Which has better sound? This or dallas. thanks


  3. Download not available

    Could u check this, please?

  4. Could you re-up please

  5. Oh it's this one, I just downloaded it a second time and didn't realize.
    This is the one with Barny doing a Pee-wee Herman voice through the whole set. Would not recommend.

  6. Is this blog still live?

  7. Hi
    New Order - Lost Sirens(2013):

    1. I'll Stay With You
    2. Sugarcane
    3. Recoil
    4. Californian Grass
    5. Hellbent
    6. Shake It Up
    7. I've Got a Feeling
    8. I Told You So

  8. Seeded by RITCNIN to DIME on 2012-10-31.

    New Order
    Chicago, IL
    Aragon Ballroom
    Sold Out Show

    Equipment: Sony TCD-D8 (44.1) + Sony ECM-717
    Location: 8 Ft. in front of Right Stack.
    Taper: RyanJ
    Transfer: DAT Master > Tascam DA-20 (44.1kHZ) > Coax > CO2 Converter > Optical In > iMac > Adobe Audition (Normalize, track) > WAV > FLAC (44.1kHZ)

    01. Pre-Show/Intro
    02. Eligia
    03. Crystal
    04. Regret
    05. Ceremony
    06. Age of Consent
    07. Love Vigilantes
    08. Here to Stay
    09. Your Silent Face
    10. Close Range
    11. Bizarre Love Triangle
    12. 5 8 6
    13. True Faith
    14. Perfect Kiss
    15. Blue Monday
    16. Temptation - Encore

    17. Heart and Soul
    18. Atmosphere
    19. Love Will Tear Us Apart

    This was a sold out show. I knew that the Aragon was absolutely horrible for acoustics, so I knew that stack taping was probably my best bet. So I got there early and stood directly in front of the right stacks. Tape came out pretty good, and I was really happy with the result. My DAT is dying… So there were 3 dropouts, during the recording for less that .5 of a second each time, so they were literally not noticeable. Barney was in a cheery mood, and the band sounded great. Really happy I went. Enjoy.