Saturday, 23 March 2013

Peter Hook - Interview SFA - 31 Jan 2013

Long interview with Hooky in San Francisco.

Link: here


  1. Hi Mr. Renko & friends
    Peter Hook & The Light - Koko - London (England) (17.01.2013):

  2. This is sharethetape's 2013-02-08 DIME seed.

    (I also went to see Hooky speak, since I live in the SF Bay Area...he was very entertaining!)

    Info file:
    Peter Hook (interview)

    2013 01 31
    San Francisco, CA

    Zoom H1 (ver 02) @ 24/96 with microtrack II mic>mastering/down sampling>TLH>Flac
    Recorded/mastered by ShareTheTape
    I edited out a song that went along with a video that was shown.
    Torrented by ShareTheTape 2013/02
    Zoom H1 (ver 02) @ 24/96 with microtrack II mic
    For the interview the mic was on the chair next to me clipped to my bag.