Sunday, 21 April 2013

New Order - Milan - 22 Jun 1982 - flac

Link: here 


  1. Thanks a lot! Great concert.

  2. Hi,again
    New Order - Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival - Mojave Tent - Indio - California (USA) (14.04.2013)
    01 The Ecstasy of Gold Intro
    02 Elegia
    03 Crystal
    04 Regret
    05 Ceremony
    06 Isolation (Joy Division cover)
    07 Bizarre Love Triangle
    08 True Faith
    09 5 8 6
    10 The Perfect Kiss
    11 Blue Monday
    12 Temptation
    13 Encore Break
    14 Atmosphere (Joy Division cover)
    15 Transmission (Joy Division cover)
    16 Love Will Tear Us Apart (Joy Division cover)

    1. Hello anonym. thanks for sharing these setlist & links.
      - Vinnie

    2. This is a MP3 transcode of the version here:

  3. As for the Milan show, this is a needledrop of the "Chosen Time" silver CD bootleg. Seeded to DIME by waterisnat on 2006-01-06. Info file:

    New Order
    Rolling Stone, Milano
    June 22, 1982
    (Truth Records 06)
    Liberated bootleg

    Here's anutha one released on shiny silver. It's the brilliant Milano stop on the spring tour of Italy that would prove to be the definitive turning point in the band's development. This soundboard recording features the huge 586/Temptation/EGG medley (which I have split up in three parts for your convenience) and the one-off cover of the Sparks/Giorgio Moroder song, "When I'm With You" (watch out for the burst of Ceremony at the very end of the long improvisation!).

    A one-hour set, 399 MB FLAC (Level 8/Verify/Align on sector boundaries)

    1. Truth (fades in) 3:48
    2. Dreams Never End 3:26
    3. Chosen Time 3:56
    4. ICB 4:42
    5. Leave Me Alone 6:12
    6. Denial 4:28
    7. Procession 3:58
    8. 586 -> 6:04
    9. Temptation -> 7:22
    10. Everything's Gone Green 5:04
    11. When I'm With You 11:46

    Please note that there are two brief internal cuts in EGG which coincide with the 45' mark halfway through the C-90 master cassette. I've managed to smoothen the first one, but no splice can be found for the second one. Still, don't let that put you off!

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  5. Downloading now! Thanks alot for posting this, been looking for a high quality version for ages