Friday, 28 June 2013

Peter Hook - Newcastle - 30 Nov 2012 - flac

Hooky in action, as requested.

Link: here


  1. Hey You're a star. Thanks very much for this. I saw this guy at the Coronet. A very interesting set if you ever get a chance to post it. Off to see him in Bridport in Sept. Didn't know they had electricity there. Once again thanks very much for this.

  2. Hi, again
    Mr. Renko & friends

    New Order - SO36 Club Berlin, Germany - 27.05.1981 (DVD)

    1. Ceremony (cuts in at end of the song)
    2. Dreams Never End
    3. Truth
    4. ICB
    5. Senses
    6. Procession
    7. Denial
    8. In a Lonely Place
    9. Everything's Gone Green

  3. Hi,
    is it possible to have another link than rapidshare, please?

    Thanks in advance