Sunday 1 September 2013

New Order - Sheffield - 8 Jun 1987 - mp3

Link: here (85mb)


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  2. NewOrder.1987.0608.TheRoxy.Sheffield.ENG

    New Order
    at The Roxy
    Sheffield, ENG, UK
    Monday, June 8, 1987

    1. The Perfect Kiss
    2. Paradise
    3. Way Of Life
    4. Ceremony
    5. All Day Long
    6. Leave Me Alone
    7. Touched By The Hand Of God
    8. Bizarre Love Triangle
    9. Age Of Consent
    10. Face Up
    11. Temptation
    12. Do The Ostrich

    Bernard Sumner= vocals, guitar
    Gillian Gilbert= keyboards, guitar
    Peter Hook= bass, vocals
    Stephen Morris= drums, keyboards

    [ complete with about 10 mins of Hooky feedback and sound excerpts
    from Star Trek! ]

  3. My download doesn't include the Perfect Kiss????

  4. Hi, again
    New Order brixton academy, london
    4 avril 1987
    It's new?

  5. as mentioned above, track one "the perfect kiss" is missing from the rar file.

  6. Can anyone with a valid DIME account grab and post this one:

    Peter Hook and The Light - 2013-09-11 Ferndale, The Magic Bag - Movement/Power, Corruption and Lies - DPA 4060 + M10 24/48

    Considering he's always gigging there aren't that many recordings of him about (unless I'm looking at the wrong blogs)