Sunday, 19 June 2011

New Order - Switch - 1 Apr 1983 - DVD

Here are two songs recorded for Channel 4 back in 1983.

1. Age of Consent
2. Blue Monday

Video: here (680mb, 720x576)
Audio: here (40mb, flac)


  1. New Order - Switch 1st April 1983 (VHS Master - PAL - Mpeg2)

    VHS Panasonic Recorder - DVD Recorder - PC

    (Video Edits - VideoReDo) Adobe Audition (Audio) & TMPGEnc (Audio & Video) - Torrent

    DVD "VOB" format
    MPEG-2 Program Stream << { 1 vid, 1 aud }
    Sys Bitrate: 10080 kb/s VBR

    8000kpbs 720x576 4:3 PAL DVD 25FPS 9m55s 686MB

    1. Age Of Consent
    2. Blue Monday

    Recorded Live At Channel 4 Studios.

    Master VHS recording & I remastered sound via Adobe Audition it sounds better than before but still not 100%.
    I missed the introduction.

    Noah Wall

  2. Although the image is clear, the video suffers from jerky movements at times. Usually this is the result of a transcoding of formats (PAL to NTSC). Could you check what's gone wrong if it came from the original master VHS?
    Best regards,

  3. Hi Plastik, I just downloaded it and tested it with VLC and Windows Media Player Classic, no problems detected.
    Maybe download it again or use a different player?

  4. You're right. After trying it with different players I finally think it's to do with that. Wonder why Mpegstreamclip wouldn't give me perfect playback on this...
    Best regards and keep such goodies coming ;-).

    1. I tried to open it on my Mac without any luck. It would not play at all.

      Could you possibly post this on YouTube?

  5. Hello, that would be a good idea. The problem with Youtube is, quite simply, that I got banned;-((
    It is a project slated in for the next few weeks to open a new Youtube account and upload all my things I shared before, including the above clip.