Monday, 30 April 2012

Joy Division - Amsterdam - 11 Jan 1980 - mp3

Many thanks to the sharer from Holland for making this available.

This is presumably a copy of a radio broadcast from 1985, containing five songs. The mentioned person just transferred the tape to digital format.

I compared the quality of one of the songs against a total of six flac versions on my computer, and reckon this one to be the sharpest of the lot.

The flac version will follow at a later date.


Link: here


  1. This is pretty darn good - thanks from a JDphile in Manchester who remembers seeing them supporting Buzzcocks in October 79!

    1. Hello Anon, please write your memories of the concert you saw! And please send us the copy of the concert you made and left forgotten in the loft somewhere (one can but hope!)

  2. Blimey! Gone man, solid gone.

    I blinked, I missed it.

    Is it possible that your "something special" announcement, set the buzzers ringing and the lights flashing in certain quarters?

    Please post the FLAC version....only no trumpet fanfares, please.

    Keep up the BRILLIANT work. Thank You for all your efforts!

  3. No link in Rapidshare already, somebody's taking notice........

  4. Where is it?
    Please can u re-upload?