Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Joy Division - Futurama Leeds - 8 Sep 1979 - 256kb


"Unquestionably, the real stars of the night were Joy Division." Andy Gill (NME)

Link: here


  1. I was 13 when I went to this event. A friend, Ozzy who was a couple of years older than me had a ticket and took me down there. I picked up a ticket for £4.00. I remember Hawkind, because I was mucking about on the bouncy pillow at the back of the Queens Hall. Then PIL, who where only on for 20 mins. Someone through a half can of beer which hit Kieth Levine on the head. JD performance stood out beacuse of IC dancing. Left its mark on me up until this day. Big thanks to John Keenan for putting the event on. Before this concert my first experience was seeing Gang of Four, Mekons and Delta 5 at the Tarten Bar in the Uni of Leeds..

  2. thanks for that. I was at that Futurama and the one in Leeds again a few years later, then Chester. Any chance of getting a more detailed scan of that Futurama flyer, so i can keep a copy for posterity ?