Saturday, 21 March 2009

New Order - Rochdale - 19 Dec 1980 - 310kb

This is about as cool as New Order get.

Concert in an empty-sounding hall, sound problems, Bernard Sumner prattling.
In a Lonely Place splutters in rather gloriously, with eight songs following.
Dreams Never End demonstrates why Peter Hook did well to stick to bass guitar...
One or two of the songs here really hit the g-spot: the group's own sound is just starting to become audible.

Really raw and somehow as honest as anything out there.
Highly recommended!

Link: here


  1. I said new order´s gig SQUAT was the 1 st, i was wrong; before that one were:
    29 JUL 80 Beach Club - Manchester, England
    04 SEP 80 Brady's - Liverpool, England
    *05 SEP 80 Scamps - Blackpool, England
    20 SEP 80 Maxwell's - Hoboken, New Jersey
    26 SEP 80 Hurrah's - New York, New York
    27 SEP 80 Tier 3 - New York, New York
    30 SEP 80 The Underground - Boston

  2. I like very much your page; if is possible to put another joy division's gigs and new order's gigs.
    Thank you very much.

  3. Amazing! Never thought I'd hear this again, one of life's great gigs - thanks ever so much from a (now) old grey scroat who was doing lights that night. And yes, it was pretty empty (and the sound was rubbish). Having done some JD gigs, had such high hopes for NO, but hey. At least they've had the decency to finally knock it on the head.

  4. Thanks for the comment! Would it be too much to ask you to write more about your involvement with JD? People's memories are hardly less interesting than the music itself!

  5. Guess you, the clown, never heard Doubts Even Hered, off Movement, featuring Peter Hook on vocals. Typical of you johnnycomelately "fans" who just dont get JD/NO. You have fun in your artificial life, ok, there, Mr Hipster?