Wednesday, 15 April 2009

New Order - Berlin - 27 May 1981 - flac

SO36 club in Berlin.
Remastered recording sounds pretty damn good!

1. The Him
2. Ceremony
3. Dreams Never End
4. Truth
5. ICB
6. Senses
7. Procession
8. Denial
9. In a Lonely Place
10 Everything's Gone Green

Parts: one, two

Video here


  1. Man, you have an amazing collection ! Thanks for sharing !

  2. Wow, this is like New Order heaven, what a brilliant site, thanks so much.

    Someone should try syncing this quality bootleg to the video, it can't be all that hard to do can it?
    It's an amazing performance, would be good for posterity !

  3. Thanks for posting links to the files up on here - I hadn't heard or seen a lot of this stuff and probably wouldn't have if it wasn't for you.

    Thanks very much.

  4. Is this one??
    If so, there's a better version sourced directly from Duncan's. Was on Dime months ago, but couldn't get it full.

    Berlin SO 36 Club

    27th May 1981

    Source : AUD
    Lineage : reel to reel mastertape
    Taped by : booom
    Transfered by : boom

    master tape (uher report)>cdr(philips CDR570)
    >wave(CD`n`Go! Suite)>FlacF(level 8)
    402 MB

    Setlist :
    01. The Him 05:27
    02. Ceremony 04:35
    03. Dreams Never End 03:23
    04. Truth 04:31
    05. ICB 05:47
    06. Senses 04:29
    07. Procession 03:35
    08. Denial 05:18
    09. In A Lonely Place 06:21
    10. Everything`s Gone Green 09:31

    This was seeded on Sharingthegroove last summer, but suffered from errors in the transfer stage (i.e. it was distorted). Booomboom kindly retransferred it and sent it to me, with a view to me re-seeding it. Here it is, finally!

    There were still issues with the peak levels causing distortion. Also, one channel was lower than the other, and suffered drop-outs due to magnetic tape deterioration. I have corrected these flaws as best I can using Adobe Audition (I did this over 8 months ago so I can't remember every audio plug-in I used, unfortunately). I think I did a pretty good job, considering!

    I shall leave the final words to Booomboom, in the notes to his original seed :

    "You have to wait a long time , but now , here it is !!!
    Enjoy it , I think ,it`s great quality , nearly excellent
    for an audience tape , there is an fade out after
    track 09 to change the tape. I love the version of
    " In a lonely Place " very much ,always hearing to the
    nice drumming.Okay,there`s nothing more to say,after downloading
    you can write some comments,please !"

    God bless 'im!

  5. Also there's a poster

    Maybe there's more than one version of the gig:

    Booom, did you digitise Berlin 81 at all?

    [His reply, unedited]:

    No,and I have a little problem with that. The original was taped by a Uher reel to reel ,I have the reel to reel tape , but my reel to reel machine ( I hope , that's the right word ) is not working fine in the moment , when I put the cables to the output ,I have a loud "Rattle & Hum ". So I first have to fix my machine and after that I can work with the reel to reel tapes , I think in a few weeks, but I promise you , I will seed it.

    "for the perfect history , you can hear me speaking before track 10, I'm saying a bad german word (Arschloch) that means asshole to my neighbour, because he is crying in my microphones. (this part is only avaiable at my mastertape, 2 seconds)

    1. Great gig. "Everything's Gone Green" is epic.

  6. Hello Renko, would it be possible to re-up this excellent concert please (New Order - Berlin - 27 May 1981 - flac )? Many thanks for this and for all your hard work in the wonderful world on JD/NO! Nick