Friday, 24 April 2009

New Order - London - 7 May 1981 - 192kb

Another rough and real New Order bootleg.
Doubts Even Here opens the proceedings. Peter Hook demonstrates why he was right to stick to bass guitar. But well, people cannot be good at everything...

Sadly the last verse is missing. So we don't get to hear him singing, "Don't throw our joy away" - bleak even by Ian Curtis's standards...

Ah come on, why not write the lyrics out? That's the joy of the Internet: whatever you search for, you can find it:

"Then you revealed to me
All that I need to know now
(the close went down to times
Too, too much behind us)

Then please dont turn away,
Why cant I talk to you now?
(the number of forgotten years
Where my honor isnt deepest
Grows the deepest feeling and it
Grieved for safety and despair)

Theres nowhere left to go
Where is this taking her and how?
(the torish threats forevermore
Over our natural favor
And us and hes and Ill fall
Far in it, and it sees enough
In our failures and its not time.)

There's nothing more I want
To know beyond your trust now
(I missed his promised time again
For my friend)

Don't throw our joy away
Why must you just you leave now? 

(has God forgotten to approach us?
Has he rememberd to not despise us? )

Memories are all that's left
I need you near to me now

(there, now, now, dont come to mind my deeds
And call out in defiance of times gone by)"

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    Thanks for typing out the lyrics!