Friday, 24 April 2009


I had a look at the download statistics for the various concerts I have uploaded during the past two months.
The most popular concert measured by the number of downloads was the Electric Ballroom concert. Also very popular are the New Order concerts from 1980.

Many thanks for all your comments. I will continue to upload what I still have. Whether I will run out of concerts first or the R*pidshare account run out of space, we shall see...

Have a nice weekend!


  1. I appreciate your blog, it's a great resource :)

  2. Thanks again for all these. There is still a lot I haven't downloaded yet as I have a limited monthly download limit (Those flac files eat up a lot of my d/l quota!!)I'm not complaining though. Let's hope your RS account does not run out of space too soon!

  3. Thanks alot for your excellent blog, its great to have this history documented. I agree with cb, the flac files eat up your bandwidth and I'm not convinced of their value, especially since the original concerts would have been recorded on a tape deck anyway. I'm really enjoying the JD concerts, if only I was there...

  4. Hi, I take your point about flac files, they are pretty large versions of often mediocre tracks. But mp3 files deteriorate, so the mediocre-quality songs become even more mediocre!
    If anyone REALLY has bandwidth problems, I could always burn them to DVD ROM if required.