Friday, 13 November 2009

Peter Hook - Oss NL - 8 Nov 2008 - 192kb

Section 25 meet Peter Hook in Holland, and bang out 21 songs of theirs and his.

Kind of interesting to hear Hookey's songs without Barney's trademark whoops...vocals still crap though...

Sounds like they dug out the original Hannet synth for She's Lost Control...kind of like unexpectedly meeting an old friend.

Worth a listen?

Link: here (132mb)

Clips: Youtube


  1. There is some video footage of the Section 25/Peter Hook gigs - the music itself is fantastic, but as you said, the vocals aren't the best.

    Hooky is still a bass god. ;)

  2. Forgot to mention - the video footage is on You Tube.