Friday 11 June 2010

New Order - Doncaster - 18 Apr 1985

Many thanks indeed to Phil for sending this concert, which he himself recorded....perhaps he would be good enough to write what he remembers of the concert?

Should anybody have any concerts of JD or NO which are not posted here or are felt to be better quality, I would be more than happy to post them! Naturally, no purchaseable material, all royalties must go to the band (especially Hooky...)

1. The Perfect Kiss
2. Ceremony
3. Thieves Like Us
4. We All Stand
5. Hurt
6. Chosen Time
7. Confusion
8. Subculture
9. Sunrise
10 Blue Monday
11 Temptation

Parts: onetwothree (480mb) flac
mp3 : here (150mb) @ 320kbit


  1. Hi
    The MP3 link seems to be wrong.
    Thanx for posting this gig.

  2. phil from birminghaml12 Jun 2010, 23:57:00

    hello everyone who d/l this gig, i recorded it upstairs at doncaster rotters right next to the sound desk ,on a sanyo walkman stereo tape recorder,i still have the cassette ,but this source has had the pitch speed corrected by a very clever fellow from a new order fan site...thank you. I was hoping for the same great night i had in birmingham the previous week at the tower ballroom) getting to the front was a major event which i luckily ended in a big fight which seemed have a effect on the whole gig. i remember seeing kirk mallinder from cabaret voltaire at the bar just before the band came on.The main memories are that this tour was one of the bands greatest ever as they had such great new material to share with everyone.thanks to michael for sharing this with you all and i hope you all enjoy it....many thanks..phil

  3. Nice upload! The 3 parts are lossless, right?
    That would be very cool!

  4. Hi!
    Is possible to get these gigs:
    New Order 1980-09-30 The Underground, Boston, USA or New Order 1981-11-06 Perkins Palace, Pasadena, USA
    Thank You.

  5. Hello, the said NO concert from 1980 is here:

    The later one from 1981 is on the upcoming list...

  6. New Order in 1985 were awesome. I watched about 20 gigs that year and there were magic moments. Leeds Tiffanys stands out as Barney was in a great Mood and Steve's drums were almost at the front of the stage. Sheffield Uni and the Hacienda gigs were also stand out shows. How exciting was it that we didn't really know the names of the songs?

  7. There is a 1981 video from NO:

    The Barcelona 1984 Concert @256 (Without Ceremony)

  8. The Berlin 1984 Concert:

  9. London 1984:

    Glastonbury, 1981: