Monday, 13 December 2010

Joy Division - Here Are The Young Men - AUDIO


A You Tube user has evidently been at work with the HATYM video and got more colour out of at least some parts of it.

What's more, the audio has been tweaked too - the result is staggeringly loud!

So loud, in fact, that I went to the trouble of ripping and uploading it.

This is my favourite Joy Division concert, meaning the Manchester nights. I will never forget the first time I watched it and being simply stunned by Curtis's dancing.

Here, there is power as never seen since. Just jaw-dropping.

Here is the second clip - Dead Souls. Wow...........

And here is the audio file:

Link: Audio
(78mb @ vbr)


  1. WoW!
    This IS better!
    I remember being so disappointed about quality when I first watched the VHS tape I bought back in the early 80's. It will of course never be perfect. I'll never be there to actually see them perform. But this helps.
    Thank you!

  2. can you repost to somewhere else where it will not get pulled so fast?

  3. Rapidshare spotted this as "illegal" straight away, I'm afraid. Any chance of launching it somewhere else? Thanks!

  4. Thanks for the information.

    I think this will have to be Rapidshare's last chance...