Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Peter Hook - Los Angeles - 12 Dec 2010

Pictures: here

Another rollout of Unknown Pleasures. Awesome sound!

Link: here


  1. Hooky and the boys have definitely raised their game as the tour has continued. Those who were completely skeptical at the beginning, myself included, have every reason to rethink their attitudes. Pete is never going to be Ian, but one has to admire his balls at even taking this on, and his improvement over the last 6 months or so is pretty impressive.

    Musically, this is now a much more than merely creditable outing for a body of work that most of us never expected to hear live again. I've got chills just listening to Glass - always one of my favorites.

    Thanks Pete for doing this and for taking so much flack from all directions. You were right all along.

    I hope Ian, wherever he may be, feels the love...

  2. I agree with Decades!

    Is this the 11th or the 12th. I downloaded this show from another blog and it was the 12th (if it's the same show). Who is right? And who gives a damn?

    thanks for the music as always.

  3. ok - have just downloaded the 11th (again!) above so this is the 12th.
    Sorry about that!

  4. I was at the LA gig and it was the 11th. It was a great night with songs I never though I would hear played live again.