Sunday, 19 December 2010


I am currently in the process of uploading a cassette of a New Order concert kindly sent by a visitor onto the compi.

Should I leave it as a two-track file (i.e. one track is one side of the tape), or do I have to divide it up into the individual songs?

Also, what mp3 bitrate do visitors prefer - and is it of interest to make the wav version available (in case anybody feels able or willing to improve its quality)?

Regarding visitors comments: the more the better, but please no "youtube-style" insults!



  1. 1) two-track file or individual songs - 1 file per song, if possible
    2) the best way is to provide vbr-mp3 (lame v-2 or smth) and lossless in flac for example

  2. I prefer the 'one file per song' option. As for the encoding rate goes, mp3 / 320 kbts is the way to go or, better, AAC / 320 kbts! Anyways thanks! btw what NO concert are you referring to?

  3. when is it recorded?

  4. I don't mind whether 2 track or all tracks, but please make the FLAC / WAV files available! Thanks.

  5. To split tracks on any cassettes I have transferred I use a program called CD wave editor which is brilliant because it is so simple to use and takes minutes to do and when you have finished it converts your tracks to whatever format you prefer

  6. Thanks for that - always happy to gain more computer knowledge!