Wednesday, 23 March 2011

New Order - Arnhem - 10 Apr 1982 - flac

Decent concert...

01. ICB (very intro cut)
02. Procession
03. Dreams Never End
04. Truth
05. Hurt
06. Senses
07. Chosen Time
08. Denial
09. Temptation

Parts: one, two (280mb)


  1. Hi
    Here a new Peter Hook's interview:

  2. Seeded by 'waterisnat' to DIME on 2005-05-02, and then reseeded by 'robertinos' on 2007-05-09

    From the original info file:

    New Order
    Stokvishal Arnhem

    On the 3rd night of the Dutch 1982 tour, the band played in a punk venue where it was so cold they had to wear coats on stage. Nevertheless, this is a fantastic audience recording of a great performance, borrowed yet again from the cornucopia otherwise known as TJ's vault. A perfect M1: all I did was normalize the sound level.


    There may be another recording, but I haven't heard it yet.