Monday, 16 May 2011

New Order - Hamburg - 12 Apr 1984 - mp3

Reposting as requested...

Link: here


  1. Hi
    Here a new gig from Peter Hook's tour:

  2. Derived from a DIME seed put up 2005-08-07 by IP_Freely, leaving out a 19 second intro track.

  3. And here's the original info file:

    New Order
    Trinity Hall, Hamburg

    I will not beat about the bush: this is a bloody brilliant audience recording of a superb gig in front of a crowd of rowdy Germans. What more could you ask for? Thanks should go to TJ for making this gem (M1?) available!

    A one-hour set reduced to 11 FLAC-files totalling 401 MB (FLAC 8/Verify/align on sector boundaries)

    1. intro
    2. Age of Consent
    3. Denial
    4. Chosen Time
    5. Thieves Like Us
    6. ICB
    7. Your Silent Face
    8. Confusion
    9. 5-8-6
    10. Blue Monday
    11. Everything's Gone Green (in its FULL 9-minute glory)