Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Joy Division - All God's Angels Beware - flac

The world's greatest band and two of their 1979 concerts.

What more needs to be said?

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  1. Joy Division
    All God's Angels Beware

    Here's another liberated bootleg from Japan. If ever there was one Joy Division I wish I could have attended, it might well be their phenomenal performance at the first Futurama Sci-Fi Festival, held over 2 days in September 1979. This is partly due to the fact that the surviving 'Duncan' recording, while still listenable (certainly in this low-generation copy), is not impeccable due to the poor acoustics of the venue (the recording has a rather hollow/cavernous echo). Anyway, this is as good as it gets, so enjoy. It's certainly a vast improvement over the original vinyl bootleg (which had fades between the tracks). Dead Souls also is cut on the first half of the track
    This concert took place exactly one week before the band's unforgettable performance on BBC 2's "Something Else"... Everybody who was ever fortunate enough to see that, knows that this was a band firing on all cylinders at that particular point in time.

    As a bonus you get one of several circulating recordings of the concert performed 6 weeks earlier at the Imperial Hotel in Blackpool, around the time Unknown Pleasures was released to an unsuspecting world. Obviously, the band chose to play only three tracks from that LP, along with two brand-new tracks bookending the gig, the forthcoming single and two further gems from their already impressive back-log.

    * Imperial Hotel, Blackpool, July 27, 1979
    1. Dead Souls (final minute only)
    2. Glass
    3. Disorder
    4. Auto-Suggestion
    5. Transmission
    6. She's Lost Control
    7. Shadowplay
    8. Atrocity Exhibition

    * Futurama Sci-Fi Festival, Leeds, September 8, 1979
    9. I Remember Nothing
    10. Wilderness
    11. Transmission
    12. Colony
    13. Disorder
    14. Insight
    15. Shadowplay
    16. She's Lost Control
    17. Atrocity Exhibition
    18. (encore) Dead Souls

    Flac Level 8/Verify/Align on sector boundaries

    A stonehead Digital Release

  2. "What more needs to be said"? - not a whole lot from me, as you've said what needed to be said perfectly. i've been following your blog for a few months now, and am continually amazed by the stuff you upload - i really appreciate what you, and the recorders' themselves do.