Tuesday, 21 June 2011

New Order - Soundchecks 1981-83 - flac

Double-CD collection of soundstage and soundchecks from New Order's early years.
More details in the comment section.

Link: here

Two of the songs are corrupted, as listed in the comments section. They can be found here:
Brixton warmup 1983: here


  1. New Order
    Soundstage & soundchecks 1981-1983

    as preserved on low-generation tapes borrowed from the cornucopia otherwise known as TJ's vault
    no sound-processing; all recordings are very listenable, with the exception maybe of 830311, but this has some really interesting bits.

    Mind you, half the fun in listening to most of these soundcheck recordings is being surprised by what's coming next, so I'm not going to spoil things any further and point out highlights. Anyway, this is for obsessives only (you know who you are :grin: ).

    One last thing: tracks 2-3 from 810508 Reading Uni are actually identical to tracks 3-4 from 810327 Bristol, albeit recorded by 2 different tapers. Bristol may be the true location, but there's no way of knowing for sure, so I've kept the original identification from the cassette inlay.

    DISC 1
    810327 Trinity Hall Bristol
    01. talking
    02. ICB
    03. Komakino (bass only)
    04. Senses
    810508 University Student Union, Reading
    01. Denial
    02. Komakino (bass only)
    03. Senses
    811023 Bradford University
    01. talking
    02. Chosen Time
    03. Temptation
    04. Denial (cut)
    820104 Riverside (BBC 2)
    01. prelude & intro
    02. Temptation
    03. Chosen Time
    04. Procession
    05. Hurt
    06. Senses
    07. Denial
    08. In A Lonely Place
    820122 North London Polytechnic
    01. Temptation
    02. Hooky bass
    03. Hurt
    04. Hurt (bass only)

    DISC 2
    820226 Trinity Hall, Bristol
    01. From Safety To Where (bass only)
    02. Temptation
    03. Leave Me Alone
    04. Everything's Gone Green
    05. unknown instrumental (cut)
    820524 Pennies, Norwich
    01. The Passenger (guitar only)
    02. 586
    03. 586
    04. 586
    05. The Village (bass only)
    06. Hurt
    07. Hurt
    830311 Brixton Ace, London
    01. drumming
    02. Your Silent Face
    03. Blue Monday (samples)
    04. Leave Me Alone (guitar only)
    05. Age Of Consent & LWTUA (bass only)
    06. Bernard on guitar
    07. Blue Monday
    08. ICB (guitar only)
    09. Transmission
    10. ICB
    830411 Coasters, Edinburgh
    01. ICB
    02. Temptation (ending)

  2. Thanks for this - and the rest. There seems to be bug on:

    04. Leave Me Alone (guitar only)
    05. Age Of Consent & LWTUA (bass only)

    Unfortunately I forgot to MD5 test the set(something I don't normally do) before I retagged so I don't know if it's my download or if it's in the original file.

  3. Hi, Fantastic site, many great N.O concerts I cant stop checking every day for new uploads!

    I would echo 'appick' and there does seem to be a bug as above.

    One request though-N.O did a concert I think in Ottawa around 86/87? I have a bad cassette recording of it but cant find a digital version anywhere. Barney was definitely on something that night, triggered by a verbal assault on of 'way of life' - would be great if you had a decent copy to upload

    Many thanks