Thursday, 1 September 2011


Dear visitors

I hope you have all had a wonderful summer and saw at least some good weather.
Or, if you live south of the equator, I hope the winter has not been too cold...and that spring will be soon arriving.

Regrettably, the hard disc with all my music on it is in its death throes. I am presently transferring the data - at incredibly slow speed - to alternative storage media.

I hope to be able to post some more music some time into next week...

Many thanks to all who mailed or posted information about the 1977 concert from Middlesbrough. "Here today - gone tomorrow", as they say. Sadly, I belong to those who missed the boat, so to speak, so I cannot help.

How ironic though, that for a man from Factory Records, the best label we ever had, Peter Hook's interests are now handled by a record company exec.

"Carrot and Stick", goes the saying - the threatened "further action" in the case of the Jane's Addiction Blog being the latter. But as for the former, the "carrot"? A date perhaps when these concerts, including the Ajanta and Lyceum concerts, the rare She's Lost Control video, might be released? "At some point in the future", was all I got. But one should be grateful for that.

Such are the music industry power games: big labels, with bigshot lawyers to keep the fans in their place. Such a far cry from Factory Records.

"Life is for living", as a certain Peter Hook once said, a wise statement and valuable innoculation against the unhealthy "Ian worshipping" from so many sources (he "died for us", as a foolish journalist is said to have once written).

Maybe "music is for listening to"? If a band, maybe Coldplay or similar, could make a studio album available as a "pay us what you think it's worth" download, why not then a 30-year-old concert?


  1. yes, music is definetely for listening to...and what we ask is only this: listening! and one more time thank you for letting all of us listen to some real gems.

  2. Welcome back. If you're still looking for that 1977 gig in FLAC.... just say so.

  3. Sorry to hear about your technical issues... I know only too well what it feels like to be doing a final desperate scramble to save your important data off a dying disc. I've amassed quite a collection of JD/NO gigs from your blog and other sources over the last year or so, so if you do lose any data I'd be happy to pass on any gigs you're missing, although I doubt my collection is as comprehensive as yours!

  4. Just wondering : Does anyone knows about this gig?? I was able to download this file a time ago and I was wondering : Is it Ian singing or is it Peter Hook??

  5. Good to hear from you again, take your time sorting out your tech issues. I downloaded that Warsaw gig, which was better than I thought it would be musically, unfortunately ruined by very loud hiss. I was thinking Hook was more down to earth than BS, until I watched the Leuven 85 concert recently, and was reminded of his embarrassing tight trouser, pelvic thrusting, legs spread, rock god posturing schtick. (Shudder)

  6. I have sent you a link for Warsaw gig in an E-Mail

  7. I think you'll find that Hooky's "rockGod" posturing was all a big joke (remember the N.O. video where they all had 1980s rock poodle haircut wigs?)

  8. Until MIDDLESBOROUGH 1977 surfaces again, you can always listen to 1 track here:
    "Reaction...this time i'll get what i want"

  9. @Phil Would You Mind Sending Me That Link? If It Isn't Too Much Trouble Like


    By The Way This Blog Is F******g Awesome

  10. Hi
    I'm back ... -
    Peter hook moonlight festival 10 jul 2010 video audio
    hope you enjoy

  11. New order are going to play again (without hook, plus gillian)

    and peter responds: