Friday, 7 October 2011

New Order - Leeds - 4 Jan 1981 - flac

Many thanks to the hero who sent me this. Sadly, I neglected to note down which particular hero it was...

Link: here (325mb)


  1. Thanx. Didn't have this one in FLAC yet. Great work.

  2. Many thanks to the hero and you for posting it. I didn't have this one and it's a superb early aud recording, with great versions of Mesh and Cries & Whispers.

  3. New Order - Leeds Fan Club 4th Jan 1981 inc. SoundCheck
    The day the Yorkshire ripper was caught
    Seeded to DIME 2007-03-09 by Duncan, who should be considered as the ultimate hero deserving kudos.

    Recorded by Duncan with a Sony TCS-310
    This is a digital copy of my master cassette


    Sony TCS-310 > TDK AD C90 cassette > "26 years in a box" > Nakamichi CR-3E
    (no NR) > MacBook Line-in > Bias Peak (Track splits) > Flac 8 (No EQ has been done to this recording, it's straight off the tape)


    01 Ceremony
    02 Mesh
    03 Truth
    04 The Him
    05 In A Lonely Place
    06 Dreams Never End
    07 Cries & Whispers
    08 Senses
    09 sc-The Him
    10 sc-Senses
    11 sc-Truth

    1. "The Him" is really intense. Thanks for sharing.