Monday, 23 April 2012

Killing Joke - Lyceum - 29 Feb 1980 - flac

No time to hear this...but must be a good listen. Only just appeared, so I am told...

Link: here


  1. The concert sounds great, as it was recorded by Duncan. KJ do some rare tracks, even a version of 'Rappers Delight'!

    Killing Joke Lyceum London February 1980 + Soundcheck

    KJ's double headliner with Joy Division

    Jaz, Youth, Paul & Geordie

    Original Info from original poster - Duncan H:


    Recorded by Duncan
    This is my master
    Sound is v good

    Uped to Dime on 11 Dec 2006

    01. sc_ GoodTimes/Change
    02. sc_ Complications
    03. sc_ Pssyche
    04. sc_ Turn To Red
    05. sc_ Turn To Red
    06. Turn to Red
    07. Tomorrow's World
    08. Pssyche
    09. Nuclear Boy
    10. Change
    11. Complications
    12. War Dance
    13. Are You Receiving
    14. Nervous System

    TDK C90 > Sony Portable recorder > > Nakamichi B300 Cassette Deck > Bias Peak > Normalised only > Flac 8



  2. Thank You very much! I'm a big fan of Killing Joke and this is a nice treat.