Saturday, 14 April 2012

New Order - 2002 - mp3/flac

Concerts are mp3 unless otherwise stated.

Jan 20: Gold Coast (30mb)
Jan 23: Sydney (25mb)
Jan 26: Sydney (85mb)

Feb 1: Adelaide (395mb, flac)

May 2: Paris (115mb)

Jun 9: London (140mb)
Jun 15: Hultsfred (120mb)
Jun 22: Southside (115mb)
Jun 23: Hurricane (120mb)
Jun 29: Roskilde (100mb) LINK UPDATED

Jul 13: Manchester (80mb)


  1. thanks,

    i was in Paris !

  2. Roskilde link appears to refer to Hultsfred. I didn't download it again to check, but maybe a simple mistake uploading?

    Thanks for the uploads BTW. I have a particular interest in the Sydney 23rd. :-) Apparently this was on DIME years ago so someone should have a lossless version somewhere.

  3. Thx for the message, link updated.
    I am missing loads of these later concerts on flac...

  4. If I'm not completely wrong Southside and Hurricane are identical concert. Actually they even seem to be a mixture of both

  5. I think you've got the Southside concert wrong as it appears to be identical to Hurricane