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New Order - Santa Barbara - 18 Apr 2013 - flac

For all those logged out of Dimeadozen...

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  1. hey

    While you're in a grabbing mood from DIME is there any chance of the following:

    New order - Toronto 24.10.12
    Hook - Newcastle 30.11.12
    Hook - Benicassim festival 16.07.10

    Any or all of these would be appreciated. Just seen Hook at the Coronet and it was awesome.


  2. Here's the info file for klingklang's 2013-06-19 DIME post:

    New Order

    "Sumner For Mayor!"

    Santa Barbara Bowl,
    Santa Barbara, CA
    April 18, 2013

    Lineage: CA-14 (cardioids) > CA-9200 > GAKables mini starquad > Edirol R-09HR (@ 24bit/96kHz) > Audacity (fades, amplify, export as 16bit/44.1kHz) > CD Wave (track splits) > TLH (flac level 8)
    Taper: klingklang
    Location: Section O

    01. The Ecstasy Of Gold
    02. Elegia
    03. Crystal
    04. Regret
    05. I'll Stay With You
    06. Ceremony
    07. Age Of Consent
    08. Isolation
    09. Love Vigilantes
    10. Your Silent Face
    11. World (Price Of Love)
    12. Bizarre Love Triangle
    13. True Faith
    14. 5 8 6
    15. The Perfect Kiss
    16. Blue Monday
    17. Temptation
    18. Atmosphere
    19. Love Will Tear Us Apart


    I'm ashamed to say it's taken me this long to finally see NO. For various reasons, I was never able to attend any of their shows--in particular, their two previous Santa Barbara appearances (the last of which was the Technique tour in 1989). Even after a wait of nearly a quarter-century, this show did not sell that well. The first indicator of that was when I arrived at the venue a bit before the doors opened and only saw a couple dozen people in the queue--many of whom had traveled from outside SB County. And once inside, I noticed the side sections were sparsely populated. Like last year's Los Angeles show, the top ticket prices were a few dollars shy of a C-Note, so I can't imagine many NO fans in the area willing to spring that much. However, the people that did decide to attend this show were very loving and vocal in their devotion (the scream of adoration from the crowd to the image of Ian during the beginning of "Atmosphere" still gives me chills). And the band returned in kind. The only downside to this show was that due to the 10pm curfew, "Transmission" was dropped from the middle of the encore. But in an apologetic manner, Sumner made an amusing comment about not wishing to upset the neighbors because he wants to move to SB and become our mayor.

    Fortunately, the man and woman in the row in front of me who talked through nearly all of Johnny Marr's opening set didn't do the same during NO. The only reason for that was because the woman stood up for the entire show while her man sat (I'm sure that was fun for the people behind them who had their view blocked). The only time that couple got annoying to me was when she went bonkers for "LWTUA" and clapped/danced through the row. Another blessing by the taping gods was that the row I was in was empty all night, so this recording benefits from no direct applause between songs. The loudest people around me were behind me. They are heard in "Regret," in the beginning of "I'll Stay With You" and in "Atmosphere." Otherwise, their loud woops/screams occur only after songs (from "True Faith" through the encore). There's also some minor phasing and light audience chatter in "Elegia," "Crystal," "I'll Stay With You," "Age Of Consent," "Isolation," "YSF," "BLT" and from "Temptation" through the end of the show. And finally, some ushers talk in the background through "5 8 6," a little bit into "The Perfect Kiss" and in "BM." Clapping was encouraged during the chorus of "True Faith" and in the middle bit of "Temptation," so there is some clapping along in those songs. And someone attempts to clap along during "BM," but it is very brief.

    There was no PA music after the show, so instead of doing an early fade out, I included my exit until I just entered the restroom tunnel. It features some brief commentary by someone who preferred last year's Los Angeles show because he felt the Greek is better than the SB Bowl (debate amongst yourselves on that one).

  3. (4096 character limit, cont.)

    I amplified this but did nothing else to the recording, so be sure to turn it up. And if burning to cd, the suggested split is between "BLT" and "True Faith."

    I took a lot of photos and have included a selection for your viewing pleasure. If you'd like to see more pics from the evening, please refer to my photo set at

    And thanks to the SB Bowl worker who gave me the Peter Gabriel poster that was still in the display case from the 2012 season (yay!).

    Please support the band by buying their official releases and merch.

    Bernard Sumner - vocals, guitar, melodica
    Stephen Morris - drums, percussion, programming
    Gillian Gilbert - keyboards, programming, guitar
    Phil Cunningham - guitar, synthesizers
    Tom Chapman - bass, backing Vocals