Friday, 10 April 2009

Joy Division - Amsterdam - 11 Jan 1980 - flac

"When I arrived at the Paradiso, it appeared that most of the regular visitors had decided to stay at home. So the JOY DIVISION played for a handful of people only, two long sets, together around 70 minutes of excellent music.
At that time only 1 album and 2 singles had been released, so they played a lot of new songs that went down well with the small audience.
The gig was (along with the PIL-gig in Bruxelles) the best I have ever seen. Fantastic bass playing by PETER HOOK and a spastic, strainied IAN CURTIS. For the occasion the Paradiso management had lowered the ceiling to make things more intimate. It was a good idea. Shame to all the people who stayed at home"

  Parts: one, two, three

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