Wednesday, 28 September 2011

New Order - Wellington NZ - 8 Dec 1982 - flac

Your Silent Face
Dreams Never End
The Him
Leave Me Alone
In a Lonely Place
Age of Consent
Blue Monday

Link: here (450mb)


  1. Seeded to DIME on 2005-06-05 by tribeca737.

    New Order
    New Zealand, Wellington, Victoria University
    1982/12/08 (8th December 1982)

    1. Your Silent Face (6:55)
    2. Temptation (7:28)
    3. Dreams Never End (3:28)
    4. The Him (4:58)
    5. Leave Me Alone (5:44)
    6. In A Lonely Place (5:38)
    7. Hurt (7:40)
    8. Denial (4:49)
    9. Age Of Consent (6:20)
    10. Blue Monday (9:39)
    11. 5-8-6 (16:58)

    Total Time: 79:41


    SBD>REELTOREEL>?>CASS>WAV>FLAC (Level 8) Align on sector boundaries

    Had this recording on hold for a while as the JD discussion group thought it was probably
    a higher generation duplicate and also the sbd version in existence has had a lot of work
    done on it to improve the sound.

    After sending a sample to Sam (lammah) and also comparing this sbd to the other version
    it would appear that although this obviously came from the same desk, it is a completely different mix-down. My theory (and it's pure speculation on my part) is that it could have been recorded onto an 8-track reel to reel tape such as the Fostex R8. This would explain the reason for various different mix-downs or at least introduce the possibility of such.

    I think there may be artwork already available for this show. If not then Species usually does
    a good job. I have merely scanned in the printed card I got with my copy of the show back
    in 1983.

    The mix on this is bizarre to say the least. 'Your silent face' seems to vary in tempo and
    then it seems like the engineer is experimenting with the levels (particularly the drums) which vary from instrument to instrument throughout the song and continuing into
    'Temptation'. Less so on 'Dreams Never End' but the lead guitar is well to the fore on this
    one. As the recording quality is so good it's more interesting than annoying. This version does not have the false start to 'Your Silent Face' and, like the other sbd version has a portion of 5-8-6 missing from when the engineer inadvertantly hit pause.

    Bernard is unusually quiet during the show but returns to form just before Blue Monday.
    Something along the lines of (in response to hecklers):

    "I can't f**cking hear a word you're saying so if you don't like it you'll just have to f**ck off"


    "I could be in bed at this very moment"


    "Do you like drums? I hope you like drums because it goes on like this for another half
    an hour, and there's another one just the same after it." (With reference to Blue Monday
    and 5-8-6)

    This is a raw transfer from my copy of the show, so if anyone feels that a re-master is
    worthwile I'd be interested to see what could be made of it.

  2. All I can say about this, as in being the original uploader of the other vastly superior sounding (genuine mixing desk version) of this on DIME (chrispoor), how can another uploader of a totally dire (probably not even mixing desk sourced) of an alternate source of this, even claim that my version is a modification of his? (as in I didn't process or "do a lot of work" of ANYTHING off your completely SHITE sounding version myself of this show, thank you!) F**kin' bizarre, IMO. Although I did "process" my originally quite hissy sounding cassette tape in order to try to remove the "hiss", for further info see the other page relating to this show).